Newport Cargo S.A.

Newport Cargo is internationally distinguished for its leadership in the market of foreign trade, through a modern and innovative image, able to face any challenge and carry out one of the most important tasks within the supply chain:
move any type of cargo from one point to another; and to do so in time, manner and speed demanded by the needs of our most important asset: OUR CUSTOMERS.


Provide an effective and efficient service, to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding customers.

Achieve a significant market share, which allows obtaining suitable conditions and consolidate the company, relying on a quality management system with a commitment to continuous improvement of its processes. This participatory basis will allow us to offer our customers the best alternatives on the market, both in terms of cost and transit times.

Permanently stimulate good work environment and teamwork, so to satisfy the internal customer; work on the basis of thorough analysis of data, situations, and simulation models, so to be prepared for the unexpected, that always occur.


Our goal is to be a company recognized nationally and internationally, to provide global solutions to all types of shipments in its different forms.

Maintain leadership in air transport exports, with a state of art infrastructure, having incorporated the Total Quality Management and Continuous Improvement philosophy of work, achieving customer loyalty.

Quality Politics

Our Quality Policy is manifested by a commitment to provide logistics solutions associated with international freight forwarding.

• Understand current and future customer needs, meeting their requirements and expectations, without ignoring all legal and regulatory requirements applicable to service.

• Apply our Continuous Improvement Policy to transport logistics processes, minimizing the margin of error and ensuring service excellence.

• Engage and include all the organization members concerning the adoption of the commitments made by the company in quality issues.