Newport Cargo. Logistics

We, at Newport Cargo, understand logistics as the bridge or link between production and market. Physical distance and time separates the productive activity from the point of sale or use; it is logistics which is responsible for linking production and market through its techniques and procedures.

From this concept, our goal is to analyze and define the processes to place the assets entrusted to us in the right place at the right time and under the right conditions.

The requirements of each project are different; for this reason, procedures are prepared to suit every need. A detailed analysis, planning and evaluation, allow us to carry out a coordinated and controlled execution of all types of service.

In order to maintain a clear vision and communication, interaction is only with a global responsible, who keeps informed the customer on the development and progress of the operation, all backed by a group of extensively trained professionals.

Integrated logistics services for project cargo:
• Identification of the scope of service required.
• Planning and implementation of the project.
• Development of procedures applied to each individual project.
• Detailed planning of resources.
• Routes analysis.
• Inspection Service in each transfer point.
• Technical and human deployment for load transfer and reception.
• Damage prevention.